Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Two Birthdays: Two Hospital Admissions

 Hannah turns 10 today.  
A decade.  
Hannah is the prize.  What a gift her life is.  To me.  To so many.  
I am so thankful to be her mom and to have walked some very tough roads along side her. 
"It's a girl" .. 1:11pm, 11/15/01. 

We have had some crazy health issues going on over here. 

After my last post, Hannah came down with pneumonia & got admitted to the hospital for IV anti-biotics.  
She got discharged the day before my 40th birthday.  
We celebrated on my 40th by going to a Taylor Swift concert & had some awesome Mexican food!

Last week I got sick.  Sicker than I have ever been in my entire life.  
Felt like "death would have been a relief" kind of sick.  
By Friday I got admitted to the hospital for pneumonia & spent the weekend there.  
Got discharged last night with doctor's orders to stay home in bed & rest this week.   
Kim said, "you can do that, Deb!"  .....  My best friend knows me so well!!

Thankful Hannah & I are both out of the hospital.  
Thankful for IV antibiotics, wonderful nurses & docs at 
Brownsboro Hospital & Kosair Children's Hospital, 
thankful for my work that hasn't fired me yet (!?!), 
thankful for a home to come home to with girls that are my heart.  

Life is good.  
Even when I was so sick I had a few good laughs with the nurses & xray techs.  
You just have to make the best of it all  ... even when you are coughing up a lung .. or two.

Happy birthday to my most precious treasure of a double digit child.  
You make my heart so happy, Hannah!  

 You have brought me endless joy & happiness for the past decade! 
I am forever thankful for God's amazing healing hand on your life. 

You are a walking testament to the power of prayer & the healing hand of God.  
Happy 10th Birthday 
Miss Hannah Rose Eriksen.  
9lbs 1oz born as healthy as could be on 11.15.2001
You are most loved ... forever!