Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Party Time

Super easy party. 
Great Kentucky friends. 
Fun time. 
Wonderful memories! 
Life is good & Lily is four.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Precious Treasure Turns F.O.U.R.

Hard to believe ...


Lily woke up this morning & measured herself ....
to see if she was bigger. 
And, of course, I helped her measure so that she measured "bigger". 
She is bigger ... Right?? 

My girl is 4.

My girl that brings the joy, the crazy, the fun, the sweetness, the tenderness, the empathy,
the laughter & all the wonderful things that she is. 

She has my heart in every way.

She is the most persistent child I have ever met. 
She is beyond determined & has a the mind of an engineer at an early age. 

Hannah & I joke saying, "Lily, NASA called & they want you to come give a lecture to the team in Houston."
This girl figures it all out in no time & wants to understand how all things work.

The Lord gifted us with each other &
I am forever thankful that God chose this path to China for sweet precious Lily!  

Her life is such a gift .. to me, to her sister, to our family & to so many.  

God always gives good gifts
& He does more than I ever think or imagine ... 
Lily is far beyond what I ever thought or imagined for daughter #2.  

Happy Birthday, Miss Lily Sha Hope!!! 
You are a treasure &
I will never stop thanking the Lord for YOU!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gone Redneck ... & Corporate

Life has been busy as all get out ... but we are loving it all!!!
My sister was here last week for 2 nights & I went totally Redneck.
After a night on the town 
(read: dinner at Texas Roadhouse & hours at Hobby Lobby)
I was driving her mini-van (the twin to my mini-van) & 
decided to give her "door to door" service (read: Redneck parking).

I parked her van right up on my lawn. 
We have never laughed so hard & 
I could have cared less what the neighbors thought ... 

Her van sat parked here for over 24 hours.  
 Life here in the South is just a lot of good ole' fun!!

The girls & I are totally adjusted to the new routine of me working full time.
Hannah says "I really like our new schedule."  
Lily is SO happy with the new full time pre-school schedule.  
She has adjusted so well & loves that each day is a school day.  
The routine of it all has been so good for her!!

I am so thankful that we have all transitioned so well to me working full time. 
I waited a long time, purposely, for me to go back to work full time.  
There is a time for everything & this is certainly the right time for me to be working.  
Mostly, I am just thankful for how well the girls are doing.  
They are all that matter to me.  
If it wasn't right for me to be working now, we'd live on welfare & beans & rice.  
I am not kidding.  
I will do whatever I have to do for my girls but I will not 
sacrafice their emotional well being for a paycheck.  

Thankfully, they are doing great with me working ...

So get out the frying pan, I love my job ... 
Momma is going to bring home the bacon!!!

So while I might park on the front lawn at times, 
Monday to Friday I am in heels with my hair brushed & make-up on. 

A New Day for this girl .. 
Life is good & 
I am forever so thankful for the good gifts that the Lord always gives!!!

All God's best from HOME,