Sunday, December 25, 2011

Here Comes 2012 ... from The Abandoned Blog

I guess I underestimated the busyness of working full time & being a single Mom.  Life has just taken on a new kind of chaos.  
All good but, wow, I feel like we have been living at warp speed since September!!

Two hospital stays .. all of our birthdays ..full time work .. 
full time sales goals ... meals .. laundry ... keeping the house semi-clean...... getting together with friends ... ... etc, etc!  

Feels like life is just on overdrive & the blog has been completely neglected.  
I guess better to neglect the blog than my girls!

Hannah & Lily are doing great!!!! 

Lily was SO excited for Santa to arrive.  I mean S.O.  E.X.C.I.T.E.D.!  
When she saw the gifts this morning she yelled, "we have to send Santa a Thank You note!" 

Lily is in preschool / daycare full time & doing great.   She is just an amazing child in every way & God has certainly given her the grace to handle every one of life's unimaginable situations.   God is so good & continues to bless her with a happy heart, a quick laugh & a tender spirit.  If you ask Lily who loves her the most, she says, "Jesus!"  ... it so sweet.  She also has a very long list of all the people that love her.  Her list usually starts out with Auntie Mom (Kim).... then "T" ... Uncle ... Raw ... Michael .. Maffhew ("but he doesn't live there anymore", she says).  So sweet how my girl forever knows how loved she is by our Slazas family!

Lily got to meet Santa & the pre-school.  She was SO excited & had planned to tell Santa she wanted a "kindle fire" for Christmas -- she saw a commercial & liked it.  Umm?  She doesn't read but she liked it!  
As soon as she sat on Santa's lap she got so nervous & told him she wanted "a new train set."  
I have no idea where that came from but it cracked me up!

The girls & I went to my sister's place in Indy for 2 nights.  
Got to spend time with the cousins, which they all loved!  
Lily & Julia just disappear playing with dolls, barbies & make-up.  
So glad my sis lives right up the road (115 miles or so).  
It is great that we get to make memories together with our kids ..
even if those memories on this trip included 
drugging her up & taking her for an MRI on her neck. 
Love you, Mir!!

Out to dinner before Taylor Swift concert on my 40th birthday.  
Poor sweet girl was just out of the hospital from pneumonia.
Look how tall she is!  We wear the same size shoe!?!

Hannah is healthy & doing great -- my girl can cook & has recently been cooking dinners before Lily & I get home.  
Yes, cooking dinners on occasion!!  One night was chicken & pasta and it was delicious!! 
She is busy planning a dance class for some of Lily's preschool friends.  
For part of her Christmas break she volunteered at Lily's school to help with the kids.  
She would rather be there than her own 4th grade class.  The kids adore her & she is SO good with them.  
I am so proud of her & so thankful for her gorgeous smile, her common sense, love for others, kindness & her tenderness towards Lily.  

The girls have separate rooms but they sleep together in Lily's room every night.  One night I overheard them talking & giggling .. Lily said "Mom is gonna tell us to go to sleep." and Hannah said "Nah! She loves that we are friends."  It was so sweet ...and Hannah was so right.  I am so thankful that these sisters separated by 6 years are such good friends.  Thank you, Lord!

I will close this last 2011 post by saying how incredibly hard the year 2011 was for me.  

Maybe it was just the compounded emotions of several tough years but last year at this time I
was going through the worst time in my life. 

Thankfully there are some life long friends that encouraged me, 
loved me, reached out to me when the times were very tough.  
It is the grace of God that I made it through this past year 
& still have my sanity (well, at least, half of it!).

Kentucky has been good to us.  
My neighbor mowed my lawn all summer (an acre!).  
Another person blessed me & the girls with a stack of gift cards so we could eat out.  
Lily's teacher, Jo, was AMAZING & so encouraging 
as many days I came home to get back in bed & cry.  

Life is not what I thought it would be in Kentucky but God knew 
and life is so much better than what I thought it would be!

All God's Best from HOME,