Sunday, March 18, 2012

One on One with Lily

This weekend I have had the privilege of getting one on one time with Lily.   

Jim took Hannah out of town ..... 
so it was just me & Lily .....  
camping out together.  

Such a treat!

Truly perfection for this Mom.   

Even though, we missed Hannah ... 
 we have needed some alone time.  

She needed some constant attention from Momma 
and I needed to just focus on my sweet treasure from China.
I feel like life has just been spinning so fast since September .... 
so this time was really a precious gift.  
Thank you, Lord!!!   

We were busy together but had some most treasured moments:

Sushi date.  Errands.  Folding laundry together.  Snuggling & watching Nick Jr.   Jack's birthday party.  Visit to Chuck E Cheese.  Sleeping in my bed together every night.  A visit to Larry's house (yes, I am dating!!).  Biking outside.  Church & lunch together.  Grocery shopping at Trader Joe's.  
And, some serious work on "manners & a happy heart", 
I CANNOT stand a fussy voice!!!

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful time with my sweet girl.  

I am forever in awe of her joyful spirit, mischievousness, caring, loving & fun spirit.  

I cannot imagine life without Miss Lily Sha Hope!

 Thank you, Lord, for some treasured time with Miss Lily.  
You always give good gifts!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Grandma Visit & Lily Registered for Kindergarten

Kentucky girls --
 so much to be thankful for!!

Life is just flying by -- hard to believe Hannah only has 50 days left of 4th grade and that Lily is officially registered for Kindergarten.   

How can my 30 pound 4 year old be going to kindergarten?!

Things are hectic but much, much more settled than a year ago.  
We are in a good routine minus my not-so infrequent crying sessions with my manager over the stress I feel with my job goals.  
Yes, I have cried to my manager.  I know, so incredibly professional of me ... what a wimp I am! 

My Mom came for a quick 24 hour visit at the end of her trip to the mid-west.  My sister was recovering from surgery so my Mom was in Indianapolis to help my sis.  SO THANKFUL my sister is recovering so well -- love you, Mir!!!!

We had a fun Valentine's Day ... the girls got candy & at dinner that night Lily told me "I get to eat all my Valentine's Day candy."  
I told her: "no you don't" & she responded that she could "because Jesus told her she could".  
I said, "Well, I didn't hear Jesus say that so, no, you still can't eat all the candy."  
She said, "Mom, I heard him in my heart ...... that's why you didn't hear him."  
Once Auntie Mom heard Lily had said that she called to tell Lily that she had heard the same thing in her heart 
& she should be able to eat all her candy.  

Hannah started taking a hip hop / jazz dance class on Monday nights.  
The teacher is fantastic & Hannah is LOVING the class.  
She is such a natural.  
Not sure where she got it but I am thinking she must have received blood transfusions from Janet Jackson or some great dancer. 

Both girls have been sick (probably a few times each!) in the past month.  Just the basic winter kind of stuff but lots of days home from school.  On the last visit to the doctor, I had them check Hannah's blood counts & they were TOTALLY NORMAL.  
Even her platelets continue to come up!!  
What a miracle .. still to this day and forever .. 
it will amaze me the work that God did in her precious life!!

Here are some pics from when my Mom was in town for her visit.
Was SOOO good to be with you, Mom!!!!! 

Here are pictures from in front of the Elementarty school where both girls will be attending in the Fall.  
This was the day Lily & I went to turn in all her kindergarten paperwork.  
She was SOOOOOO excited!!!  

I so appreciate those of you that pray for us & have interest in our busy, crazy, hectic lives through this neglected blog -- 
especially you Auntie Di Di! 

I have so much to grateful for in this short life ... thank you, Lord!!