Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Are you there blog? It's me, Debbie

Now, where was I? ...

Life is wonderful but life has been a blurr.

My muffin top has somehow become a total complete muffin.  Not sure how but some serious action is being taken.  Well, not starving myself or purging (like I kind of wish I could) but I am eating less & did 17 push-ups today (that has to count for something!).

The girls are doing great.

Really great.

I am so thankful.

Every. Single. Day. Is. A. Gift.

We are already into Summer 2012.  The girls both finished school on May 18th.  Insanely early but apparently Al Gore was right & global warming is for real ... no snow days this year to keep the girls in school til June.

Kentucky-Living is wonderful!  It is such a beautiful place here & the people make it even better.  I am so thankful the Lord brought us here 2 years ago (has it been T-W-O years???).   

Hannah completed 4th grade & Lily graduated from pre-school (but is still attending full time for the summer program).

Lily's pre-school invited Hannah to come for the summer as a helper.  Thank you, Lord!  I really did not know what I was going to do with both girls all summer.  Hannah LOVES being at Lily's school so when I asked her if she was interested to go for the summer she jumped up & down like I had asked her if she wanted to go to Disneyland all summer.  She is having fun helping at the school & the kids love her!!  By the afternoon she is ready to come home but overall, it is great. 

Lily keeps getting taller but only weighs 32 pounds.  Just a tiny thing full of life with the loudest voice of anyone (thanks to Auntie Mom).  Lily started t-ball again this summer & loves it. Hannah & I love cheering for her .. but Hannah also loves saying "Mom, come sit down ... let's talk" while I am trying to take pictures of Lily playing.   A little sibling rivalry for Mom's attention never hurt anyone. 

I went to Churchill Downs, with the rest of Kentucky, the first weekend in May.  Was super fun & loved being all dressed up next to my sweet man!

I am excited to be in the swing of summer.  We have trips planned & despite working full time we are going to have a lot of summer fun!

Life is good .. just very crazy.

Until I blog again ...


Mother's Day weekend ... near the Ohio River.
My sweet girl ...

My other sweet girl ..

It's Summertime ...let the t-ball begin!

Graduation ... singing "Lean on Me"

Meet Dillon ... 
Lil says when they get married & have a baby they will take the baby to the park. 
First time at the races! 
Sometimes the horses race on the grass  ... I had no clue but there they go!
and sometimes they race on the dirt.
Who knew?  
I obviously didn't grow up at the track like Bethenny Frankel.

Meet my man .. 
and my big hat! 
Good times.

All God's best from My Old Kentucky Home,