Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer 2012!

We are at the end of 12 weeks of summer.  12 full weeks of being completely off of routine & schedule. 

I cannot believe it is over.  Lily starts kindergarten & Hannah is starting 5th grade!  This is the only year they will be riding the school bus together to the same school.  Lily has been ready for kindergarten since 2 years ago when Hannah rode off to 3rd grade.  Lily didn't understand why she wasn't getting on the bus ... now, it's finally her turn!!!

This summer, the girls & I took two vacation trips: One to Philadelphia & One to Idaho (to see Auntie Mom, of course!) .  Somehow my pictures from Philadelphia are not saved on my computer (help, Sarah! ... copies are on a computer at your house!!!) but I do have pictures to share from Idaho since we just got back a week ago.

All summer Lily has been enrolled in the pre-school for full time day care & Hannah has been working there each day as a helper.  Hannah has L.O.V.E.D. going to preschool each day!!!  It has been a dream summer for her...and a dream for me to have both girls so well cared for!  Hannah wishes she didn't have to go into 5th grade but could just going to the pre-school as a helper.  The owner just told Hannah that she has a job secured as an aide soon as she turns 16 ... she was OVER THE MOON with excitement!

I'm working full time & re-building my Arbonne business on the side so that I can hear my three favorite words: "Mom, I'm home." 

Three years ago was Hannah's Make-A-Wish trip & we thought we were off to a Bone Marrow Transplant.  She continues to do well living life in remission and her blood counts this summer were 100% completely normal.  NORMAL.  ALL NORMAL.  Just amazing!!!  To say I am thankful feels like such an understatement.  Truly, our God is a God who answers prayer & heals!  Hannah's life is a testament to God's healing hand & every day we are thankful.  Every.  Day.  

Tomorrow school begins.   The bus will stop at the end of our driveway at 7:29AM & Summer 2012 will officially be over.   Sad but we have had a wonderful 12 weeks being totally off of routine.  Time to tighten the ship around here & get back into the swing of a scheduled life & a VERY early alarm clock!!

Life is good.

I am grateful for God's goodness in the midst of life's difficulties .. and in the midst of life's joys ... and fortunately, there have been many joys this summer!!.

Here are some pictures from Summer 2012:

Hannah & Cousin Sarah!!!!!

Lily driving the boat & trying to get me, Kim & Hannah to fly off the tube!!

Michael & Lil ...
Auntie Mom & Lil ... Forever a Shared Love!!!!

Hannah driving the boat!!

Still Lily's favorite: DRIVING THE BOAT!

 Goodbye Summer 2012~ It was wonderful while it lasted!!!
All God's Best from Kentucky,