Monday, September 10, 2012

School Has Started!!!

So, here they are: my elementary school students!! 

 Both going to the same school this year --the only time they will do this since there is six years between the two of them.

They are both riding the big yellow bus that stops @ the end of our driveway. 
Life is good. 

Lily has adjusted without a hiccup to life as a full day kindergarten student. She was created to learn & is just soaking up all the teachers says (and more!). 
She started violin lessons through the school & was jumping up & down telling me they are going to be doing a performance "ON A STAGE!!!!" 
She has made friends without any problem (not a surprise!) 
and has not had one moment of visible apprehension about the new routine (not a surprise!). 

Hannah is very happy in 5th grade!  
She absolutely loves her teacher, Ms. W. 
I am so thrilled for Hannah!!  
Her teacher is challenging but also very nurturing & caring. 
Truly a perfect combination for Hannah & I am so thankful for the way the Lord blessed her with Ms. W. 

This is Lily headed to the bus on the first morning of school with her bag & lunch box.  

Adorableness ... 

until she started imitating what I was going to be doing when she rode off on the bus: 
"WAAAAAH!, crying like a baby!!"  

Thanks, little stinker ... get on the bus!

As for me, I just left my full time job. 
What a fun year that was....ummmm, not really. 
I loved the people I worked with & the clients I met but the stress of full time sales, full time goals and demands that 
weekly overlapped home life was just too much for me. 
 I cried A LOT over the last year. 

 So, right now I am kind of figuring out what I am doing. 
Well, I guess I am always doing that

The Lord has good plans & 
thankfully, I have complete peace about this next chapter.

All God's best from Kentucky,


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  1. Hello Sweet Friend,
    Missing you and thinking of you.

    Luvs to you,
    Your old roomie :)